Garland Styling 101

Design Options for Garlands

So you’ve decided to jazz up your event with a garland. Most people don’t make it this far, so you already have an edge on having the best celebration yet! Next up is styling decisions. Choosing different styling options can give your garlands different vibes, especially depending on chosen colors! There is no right answer to styling and is all based on personal preference, but take a look at the descriptions below for guidance with the variety of styles we include to best match your party vibe.

Color Block

Needing something more controlled, subtle, but bold? Try out blocking the colors. All chosen colors are grouped together into one section then attached to each other, giving a classy, professional, but fun statement to any gathering. Colors are not repeated and only used in one section of the design. Blocked styling is most popular for corporate events, black-tie gatherings, or any other reason to give off a bold statement!

Mini Block

Our most popular, classically chic style for mini garlands incorporates all of your colors into small sections. There is no pattern or organization, small sections of colors are sporadically styled next to each other. Section are large enough to give each color it’s own space, while adding some unique flare, mini block styling is the best go-to for almost any occasion!

Sprinkle Mix

This type of garland design is completely random. Each color connects with one another, ultimately creating a chaotic, fun mix of your chosen pallet! There is no rhyme or reason to any of it, and is perfect for children’s parties, fun celebrations, or youthful get-togethers!

Lets talk color options…

Pop sources over 100 latex balloon color options. We focus primarily on high quality, biodegradable brands such as Qualatex, Tuftex, and Betallic. Below are color charts from each manufacturer. Please note color choices are subject to availability. While we do try to keep a constant stock of the below colors, supply chain delays are leaving some colors harder to find. Some of the colors below are have been out of stock for over a year. Your balloons babes got you! We will make sure to find the perfect combo for your celebration!

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