To helium or no helium?

Pop offers both helium and air-filled designed. Garlands and custom installs are created with air-filled balloons and helium is not needed. The design is attached to a support during install. Helium makes the balloons float and is used for traditional bouquets. It is important to note, some venues in Spokane do not allow helium (floating) balloons, air-filled garlands are always allowed! 

Pop does NOT fill balloons purchased outside our shop with air or helium. We cannot guarantee the life span or quality of these products. 

Do you accept custom orders?

We love custom orders! 

Custom orders are the milk to our cookies. Have a funky theme, we love it! Saw a picture on Instagram or Pinterest, send it our way! Looking for someone to create the design you saw in your dreams, we are your gals! 

Are you balloons environmentally friendly?

Pop uses only the highest quality balloons. This means all of our balloons are biodegradable. While our balloon babies are safe to be outside, we do not recommend letting balloons float away into the sky. 

Do you travel?

The short answer is yes! 

The long answer, we love to travel to make your day special! There is a $50 installation minimum in Spokane City limits and other fess may apply for further locations. Delivery starts at $15. Large scale custom orders are often priced to include both travel and installation (set up). 

If we can drive there, we will! Places we have been (but we love to go somewhere new!): 

Othello, WA 

Loon Lake, WA 

Priest Lake, ID 

Lake CDA, ID 

Moscow, ID 

Sandpoint, ID

Life span of a balloon?

The Pop Team will do everything in our power to help your balloon babies last as long as possible. By nature, balloons are temperamental little things. They do not like heat or direct sunlight. Pokey hands, natural elements, extreme weather, could all effect the lifespan of your balloons. 

What we do to help- All latex helium filled balloon are treated with a special coating to increase the floating life! Air filled balloons are long lasting sometimes up to a couple weeks* when inside. Pop pre-inflates foil balloons for manufacturer defects. We want your balloon fun to last!

*While we want to extend the balloon fun as long as possible, we cannot guarantee any amount of float or inflated time. There is no guarantee once a balloon leaves our shop or is delivered. The Pop Team cannot stop all the excited hands from poking, moving, or loving them into popping. Please know extreme elements or temperatures are not friends with balloon babies. 

How far out should I book?

The sweet spot is about 2 months before your event date.

That being said, if you have a specific date in mind (especially a Saturday or holiday), the sooner the better. We take reservations up to a year out. 

Installation orders placed less than 5 days from the event date may be subject to a rush fee. 

Do you ship gifts and party supplies?

Pop currently offers local delivery and pickup for party supplies and gifts.